Universities offering mass communication in Kenya -updated

Universities offering mass communication in Kenya

Here is a roundup of the Universities offering mass communication in Kenya  Now, if you had scored at least a C+ mean grade in your KCSE, chances are you’ve qualified for a degree course in journalism and mass communication. You may also wish to take your diploma from a University. So, which universities offering mass … Read more

Best Journalism colleges in Kenya (updated list 2023)

Journalism colleges in Kenya

Below is a list of colleges that offer journalism in Kenya. We have also included their contacts and websites (where applicable) to help you reach out to your preferred college. Journalism colleges in Kenya (updated list) These are the Journalism colleges in Kenya accredited by the media council of Kenya. Consider any of these if … Read more

Journalism courses in Kenya(Entry grades, where to study, etc)

Journalism courses in Kenya

Here are the colleges offering journalism courses in Kenya….. Studying journalism opens many doors and gives you an opportunity to excel in a whole range of careers in TV, radio, print media, online journalism, advertising, etc. The key skills required in the field include creativity, communication, writing, as well, as research skills. To get you … Read more

Is journalism marketable in Kenya? We answer

Is journalism marketable in Kenya

So, is journalism marketable in Kenya? Well, the short answer is: it is still marketable but not as it used to be in earlier years. Here is our long answer.. Is journalism marketable in Kenya – the long answer Let me now explain… You see, because of the emergence of digital media (think of blogs, … Read more

KU application fee –how much  should you pay?

KU application fee

So, how much is the KU application fee for prospective students? Well, the amount you should pay as KU application fee depends on your nationality. Specifically, for KU certificates, diploma, and undergraduate degrees, the fee is Kshs.2000 for East Africans (Kenyans included) and Kshs. 4000 for Non East Africans. Likewise, the fee for masters and … Read more

Online courses in Kenyatta University – all you need to know

Online courses in Kenyatta University

Learn all there is to know about online courses in Kenyatta university in this article Kenyatta university online courses (online courses in Kenyatta university) – An introduction to Kenyatta University’s Digital school of Virtual (E-Learning) and Open Learning Kenyatta University started its school of Open and E-Learning back in June 2014 as part of its strategic … Read more

Online courses in Kenya 2023 – a comprehensive guide

Online courses in Kenya

Below we highlight the various online courses in Kenya for the benefit of those who have been considering taking a course via eLearning. Summary of what I will cover in the article: An introduction to the accredited online universities in Kenya and e learning colleges in Kenya Online courses in Kenyatta University UON online courses … Read more