Bachelor of education science subject combination (best options)

Bachelor of education science subject combination

This article highlights the available bachelor of education science subject combination in local universities for students interested in secondary school teaching positions. But before we come to this, people have been emailing us enquiring about the best TSC subject combination and the most marketable subject combinations in Kenya and it’s important that we first elaborate … Read more

KUCCPS 2022 intake deadline announced

KUCCPS 2020 intake deadline

Second KUCCPS 2020 intake Revision 2020 open The second revision begins on Thursday 2nd April 2020. The announcement has been made in the 31/3/2020 MyGov. edition. The new second revision closes on 15/4/2020 and you’re expected to have completed your second course revision by this date if you did not get a placement in any … Read more

Teachers employment by TSC : 300,000 teachers jobless

Teachers employment by TSC

Despite the biting shortage of teachers in both primary and secondary schools, over 300000 qualified teachers remain jobless, according to the latest teachers employment by TSC report. Remarkably, the number of teachers employed by the commission stands at slightly over 317000 meaning that the number of unemployed tutors equals those who have been lucky to … Read more