Nairobi technical training institute hostels [All you need to know]

This article is all about Nairobi technical training institute hostels because most of you freshers want to know if the institute has hostels within the college and the modalities of booking for Nairobi technical training institute hostels

Nairobi technical training institute hostels – everything you need to know about hostels at Nairobi technical training institute

First is the disappointing news:

Does Nairobi technical training institute have own hostels?

Unfortunately No. Nairobi technical training institute has no own hostels inside or outside the institution.


Well, you need to make arrangements to search for a place to say before you report do not want to do that on the reporting day because it can be inconveniencing …

And there’s nothing more worrying than finishing registration late in the day while you do not know where you’ll sleep!

In other words, Nairobi technical training institute students usually reside in private hostels around the institution and sometimes a little far away (it all depends on your rent budget).

So, how much do these hostels charge per month?

Again it comes down to your budget….there are some fairly cheap bedsitters and some pricey options also.

But to be clear, some of the hostels that are most conveniently located near the institution’s campus near Pangani Police Station to make it easier for you to access the college’s facilities are costlier than those far off.

I want to help you get a good idea of where you can stay while studying at Nairobi technical training institute so below are some of the locations you can find hostels easily (for all rent budgets)

Mlango kubwa …

This has the cheapest hostels (single rooms) but has one major downside: Insecurity so while students do survive, you are well advised to leave your valuable elsewhere.

And it’s a bit far further too than other localities with hostels (coming up shortly)

Prices starts at about Kshs.4000 per month.



Also pocket friendly but there are issues just like Mlango kubwa….security is not guaranteed (in some places)



Ngara can be better, in general, and there are lots of fairly standard hostels can start your search anywhere from the Fig Tree neighborhood all the way to around the school.

Now, prices here are Kshs. 8000 (hostels and you will be sharing with others – upto 6 other students) but if you rent a house (rentals), you’ll be paying between Kshs.8000 to Kshs.10000 mostly for a bedsitter in the area.



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Now proceed reading below..👇

What else should you know?

Remember that Hostels typically provide you with basic amenities like beds, study tables, chairs, and even wardrobe space (in some instances).

Also, a few hostels offer shared kitchens and laundry services.

Otherwise, remember to plan for meals (whether to cook or be eating outside), depending on where you’re staying.

Finally, even though some of the private hostel providers are present during registration days to help you find hostels, there’s usually high demand on the day so it is best to make a trip to the area early enough and secure a place to stay before everyone starts rushing.

A nice way to get help is connecting with fellow students at Nairobi Technical Training Institute- there are Whatsapp groups and FaceBook groups you can join to get specific, up-to-date information about where to get hostels at NTTI.

Good luck.


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