KU application fee –how much  should you pay?

KU application fee

So, how much is the KU application fee for prospective students? Well, the amount you should pay as KU application fee depends on your nationality. Specifically, for KU certificates, diploma, and undergraduate degrees, the fee is Kshs.2000 for East Africans (Kenyans included) and Kshs. 4000 for Non East Africans. Likewise, the fee for masters and … Read more

Online courses in Kenyatta University – all you need to know

Online courses in Kenyatta University

Learn all there is to know about online courses in Kenyatta university in this article An introduction to Kenyatta University’s Digital school of Virtual (E-Learning) and Open Learning Kenyatta University started its school of Open and E-Learning back in June 2014 as part of its strategic efforts to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality higher … Read more

Online courses in Kenya 2023 – a comprehensive guide

Online courses in Kenya

Below we highlight the various online courses in Kenya for the benefit of those who have been considering taking a course via eLearning. Summary of what I will cover in the article: An introduction to the accredited online universities in Kenya and e learning colleges in Kenya Online courses in Kenyatta University UON online courses … Read more

Colleges offering digital marketing courses in Kenya [Top rated]

Colleges offering digital marketing courses

We reveal the most-recommended Colleges offering digital marketing courses in Kenya in this article… Digital marketing has emerged as a necessity for businesses as they battle for the ever-growing online shopping population. This has, in turn, triggered an overwhelming demand for skilled digital marketing professionals in Kenya and across the globe. The good thing is … Read more

Certificate in pharmacy Kenya – what you need to know

Certificate in pharmacy Kenya

Below we answer all your questions about taking a certificate in pharmacy course in Kenya. Where can I pursue a Certificate in pharmacy Kenya Now- and this is likely to be disappointing to some- we don’t have any institutions accredited to offer a certificate course in pharmacy in Kenya. In fact, medical schools and colleges … Read more

KASNEB CPA fee structure 2023

KASNEB CPA fee structure

Find below the latest KASNEB CPA fee structure including registration fee, exemption fees, examination fee for all levels, and renewal fees. KASNEB CPA fee structure – all applicable charges Note that the CPA course fee structure also applies to all other KASNEB professional courses. These include: CICT (Certified Information Communication Technologists)- note that has a few … Read more

Colleges and universities in Kenya :What is the difference?

Colleges and universities in Kenya

One of the most asked questions when it comes to higher education in Kenya is what the difference between Colleges and universities in Kenya is. Well, you will obviously note a few other differences but it generally comes down to the qualifications offered, structure, accreditation bodies, etc. Read about all the differences between Colleges and … Read more